1973 Ford Torino Recall |

1973 Ford Torino Recall |
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1973 Ford Torino Steering,linkages,arm,idler And Attachment Recall | Mar 12, 1973

. Follwoing Is The Summary Of Corrective Actions Taken:
ford Campaign No H-8d.possibility That In The Process Of Connecting Thecenter Link To Idler Arm A Cotter Pin Was Omitted, Which Holds The Attachingnut In Position Should Nut Be Installed Loose.if This Pin Is Missing It Couldallow Nut To Drop Off And Linkage To Disengage From Idler Arm, And Affectsteering Control.(correct By Inspecting And Install Cotter Pin Wherenecessary.)

This recall was issued on Mar 12, 1973 for 1973 Ford Torino, manufactured by FORD MOTOR COMPANY, in response to Steering,linkages,arm,idler And Attachment problems.

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