1974 Ford Country Sedan Recall |

1974 Ford Country Sedan Vehicle Speed Control Recall | Jan 16, 1974

. Follwoing Is The Summary Of Corrective Actions Taken:
possibility That Vehicles Equipped With The Speed Control Option May Have Thevent Solenoid Armature Bind Within The Servo Assembly Because Of An Undersizebrass Eyelet That Guides The Armature.should This Condition Occur, The Speedcontrol System Will Maintain Or, If The Binding Occurs In The Accelerator Mode,it Will Increase The Speed Of The Vehicle Without Prior Warning Even Though Thedriver Attempts To Disengage The System.(correct By Inspecting And Replacingwith Improved Parts).

This recall was issued on Jan 16, 1974 for 1974 Ford Country Sedan, manufactured by FORD MOTOR COMPANY, in response to Vehicle Speed Control problems.

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