1974 Ford Thunderbird Recall |

1974 Ford Thunderbird Recall |
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1974 Ford Thunderbird Fuel System, Gasoline,carburetor System Recall | Aug 13, 1974

. Follwoing Is The Summary Of Corrective Actions Taken:
ford Campaign No 129.with 460 Engines And 4v-carburetors.job 1 To Aug.3,1974.possibility That The Fuel Inlet Seat On 4v-carburetors Installed Onvehicles Equipped With 460 Cid Engines May Have Been Improperly Torqued Whichcould Permit The Inlet Seat To Loosen With Vehicle Operation.should Thisoccur, The Carburetor Float Would Hold The Supplementary Fuel Inlet Openresulting In Flooding And Subsequent Stalling Of The Engine At Idle.(correctby Inspecting And Retorquing Fuel Inlet Seat).

This recall was issued on Aug 13, 1974 for 1974 Ford Thunderbird, manufactured by FORD MOTOR COMPANY, in response to Fuel System, Gasoline,carburetor System problems.

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