1975 Ford Ct800 Recall |

1975 Ford Ct800 Recall |
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1975 Ford Ct800 Service Brakes, Air,antilock,control Unit/module Recall | Dec 29, 1975

. Follwoing Is The Summary Of Corrective Actions Taken:
ford Truck Campaign No 180.trucks Equipped With Eaton Anti-lock Brakecontrollers.possibility That The Air Brakes System Which Incorporates Aneaton Anti-lock Brake Controller May Absorb Radio Frequency Energy Radiatedfrom An In-cab Radio Transmitter.should This Occur, It Could Interfere Withthe Controller Logic Circuitry.front Axle Air Pressure Would Be Released Forthe Period That The In-cab Transmitter Is Activated.operation Of The Rearbrakes, However, Would Not Be Affected.(correction To The Anti-lockcontroller Is Being Developed.in The Mean-time Owner Of Affected Vehicleswill Be Notified Of The Interference Condition.)

This recall was issued on Dec 29, 1975 for 1975 Ford Ct800, manufactured by FORD MOTOR COMPANY, in response to Service Brakes, Air,antilock,control Unit/module problems.

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