1976 Ford E350 Recall |

1976 Ford E350 Steering,gear Box (other Than Rack And Pinion) Recall | Oct 18, 1976

. Follwoing Is The Summary Of Corrective Actions Taken:
ford Motor Campaign No 207.possibility That Certain Vehicles Were Producedwith Flat Washers That May Fracture Under The Heads Of Bolts That Secure Thesteering Gear To The Frame Rail.a Fractured Washer Could Cause The Attachingbolt To Lose Preload And Loosen, As A Result The Affected Bolt May Fatiquefracture Leading To The Fracturing Of The Two Remaining Attaching Bolts.should This Occur, The Steering Gear Can Separate From The Frame Rail Andresult In Loss Of Steering Control.vehicle Driver May Be Warned Of Conditionby Steering Looseness And/or Noise.(correct By Replacing Assembly Washersthat Are Not Broken And Replacing All Bolts And Washers If An Assembly Washeris Broken).light Truck, Van.

This recall was issued on Oct 18, 1976 for 1976 Ford E350, manufactured by FORD MOTOR COMPANY, in response to Steering,gear Box (other Than Rack And Pinion) problems.

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