1997 Ford TAURUS SHO Engine And Engine Cooling problems & defects.

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If you are driving a 1997 Ford TAURUS SHO, or if you are planning to purchase one, then it is important that you review reported Engine And Engine Cooling problems and defects. Total reports: 3.

There Was A Chain Like Ticking Noise Coming From The engine, I As A Technician Observed It To Be A Camshaft Getting Ready To Fail, When It Failed My Pregnant Wife Was Driving Luckily On A Side Road Where The Vehicle Had Lost All Power And Making It Nearly Impossible To Steer, Now The 1997 Sho Just Sits B/c I Can Not Afford The Expensive Repairs! Especially With A Baby On The Way. *jb

0 person(s) were injured. 0 person(s) died. FORD TAURUS SHO 1997 problem was reported in GARFIELD HTS, OH. Vehicle was not using ANTI-LOCK BRAKES. Vehicle was not using Cruise Control.

Aug 25, 2005

Cam Sprocket Failure. This Lead To The engine Stopping And Loss Of Power Steering And Power Brakes. *tr

0 person(s) were injured. 0 person(s) died. Mileage was 54000 miles. Vehicle Identification Number (VIN):1FALP54N9VA. FORD TAURUS SHO 1997 problem was reported in ASHKUM, IL. Vehicle was purchased on 19990506. Vehicle was using ANTI-LOCK BRAKES. Vehicle was using Cruise Control.Vehicle had 8 CYLINDERS. FORD TAURUS SHO 1997 drive type:FWD. FUEL SYSTEM:Fuel injection. FUEL TYPE: GAS. FORD TAURUS SHO 1997 TRANSMISSION TYPE: AUTO. VEHICLE SPEED: 65 mph. DEALER’S NAME: WATSEKA FORD LINCOLN MERCURY . DEALER’S TELEPHONE NUMBER: 815-432-2418 . DEALER’S CITY: WATSEKA . DEALER’S STATE CODE: IL. DEALER’S ZIPCODE: 60970 .

Mar 16, 2000

Vehicle Description: 1997 ford taurus Sho ford (fmc) Has Acknowledged In Writing That The Problem Is Manufacturer Related, Which Stems From The Yamaha Manufactured engine Used In Sho Models. The Vehicle Would Rough Idle After 20 Mins. On The Road, Shake Aggressively, Then Shut-off For Days At A Time In Unpredictability. An Authorized Fmc Repair Center (mlm) Spent Over 3-mos, Concurrently, Working On The Vehicle To No Avail. See 03/01. The Vehicle Functioned In This Manner From 11/00 (mm/yy) Through 04/03, At Which Time I Was Left With No Other Fiscally-viable Option But To Arrange To Have The Vehicle Returned To Fmc- Fmc Would Take No Responsibility And Place A 7year “repossession” Stain On What Used To Be A Great Credit Score. Timeline: Between 11/00 (mm/yy) And 01/01, Continued Calls Were Put Into Fmc Regarding My “sho” Vehicle. The Car Would Shake Aggressively, Then Shutdown In Mid-travel. 01/01: I Was Told To Take The Vehicle To Mlm. After Describing The Issue, I Was Told It Would Cost $2,200 To Service The Problem(s). 03/01: The Issues With The Vehicle Were So Severe; Mlm Requested That Fmc Send Out A “field Service engineer” To Assist Them. After A Week Fmc Admitted, Which Was Documented By Mlm In Writing, That Fmc Has Had “similar Problems” With “other Shos In The Field” And Had “no Positive Fix For Them.” This Suggests That Fmc Knew Of The Sho’s Problems And Have Purposefully Failed/rejected To Aid The Victims Affected. While Operating The Vehicle, My Passengers And I Would Be Placed At Tragic And Unnecessary Risks, As The Vehicle Would Shut-down W/o Warning- Locking Up The Steering And Causing Me To Engage In “erratic” (at Times) And “precautionary Driving Maneuvers” While On Public Roads In Order To Regain Some Control Of The Vehicle And Safely Steer To The Side Of The Road Or Highway. This Proves Malicious Intent And Deceptive Practices Perpetrated By Fmc. It Also Proves A Formed Pattern. Wb *tr

Mileage was 77126 miles. Vehicle Identification Number (VIN):1FALP54N0VA. FORD TAURUS SHO 1997 problem was reported in CHICAGO, IL. Vehicle was not using ANTI-LOCK BRAKES. Vehicle was not using Cruise Control. VEHICLE SPEED: 30 mph.

Nov 01, 2000

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