2000 Ford F-150 Steering Column problems & defects.

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If you are driving a 2000 Ford F-150, or if you are planning to purchase one, then it is important that you review reported Steering Column problems and defects. Total reports: 2.

The Steering Column Broke While Driving.*jb

Vehicle Identification Number (VIN):FULLFILL. FORD F-150 2000 problem was reported in CORONA, CA. Vehicle was not using ANTI-LOCK BRAKES. Vehicle was not using Cruise Control. FUEL TYPE: GAS.

Feb 14, 2003

When Steering Wheel Is Not All The Way Up The Turn Signals, Hazard Lights, And The Brake Lights Do Not Work. I Have Taken It To The Dealership And They State That There Is A Clip In The Steering Column That Is Broke. This All Happened 2 Months After I Bought The Truck And They Will Not Fix It Due To There Being No Warranty. At The Same Time The Keyless Entry Stopped Working As Well As The Automatic Door Locks. They Stated That This Was Because The Motor In Both Doors Had Went Out. Seems Odd To Me That They Would Both Go At The Same Time. *jb

0 person(s) were injured. 0 person(s) died. Mileage was 6500 miles. Vehicle Identification Number (VIN):1FTRX18L8YK. FORD F-150 2000 problem was reported in MARIONVILLE, MO. Vehicle was purchased on 20041013. Vehicle was using ANTI-LOCK BRAKES. Vehicle was using Cruise Control.Vehicle had 8 CYLINDERS. FORD F-150 2000 drive type:4WD. FUEL SYSTEM:Fuel injection. FUEL TYPE: GAS. FORD F-150 2000 TRANSMISSION TYPE: AUTO. DEALER’S NAME: REPUBLIC FORD . DEALER’S CITY: REPUBLIC . DEALER’S STATE CODE: MO.

Nov 01, 2004

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