2010 Ford FUSION HYBRID Steering problems & defects.

2010 Ford FUSION HYBRID Steering problems & defects.
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If you are driving a 2010 Ford FUSION HYBRID, or if you are planning to purchase one, then it is important that you review reported Steering problems and defects. Total reports: 9.

Monday, Jan. 27 – Power Suddenly Gave Out When Accelerating On Freeway. Service Wrench Had Been On Earlier That Day But Had Gone Off. Dixon ford Told Us It Was Ok To Drive. I Was In Left Lane And Had To Cross 5 Lanes To Get To Median. Took It In To Walnut Creek ford And They “re-flashed It”, Saying No Concern Was Present At The Time. They Gave The Dangerous Car Back To Us Fri, Jan 31st 130 Miles Driven In 2nd Lane (one From Carpool Lane) At 65 Mph Accel Lightly Suddenly, CarÔ┐┐s Gas Gave Out, Like Before The Road Curved To Right. Try To Steer Car Right To Follow Lane As Car Decel Noticed That Steering Not Responding, Even To Strongest Inputs (almost Like Locked, Like Car Was Off) Tried To Hit Brakes, But Pedal Sank To Floor No Response Regardless Of Pressure. Kept Pressure But Car Did Not Slow Began To Drift Passenger Grabbed Wheel Also And Tried To Pull Right. Gradually Started To Go Right, But With Extreme Force Applied. After Force, Wheel At Most 5 Degrees Turn Emergency Brake To Slow (not Stop) Steering Corrections Could Not Sufficiently Turn Car So Car Slammed Into Concrete Median At 50 Mph Tightened Emergency Brake And Continued To Pull On The Wheel Slid Along Median As Car Screeched Car Finally Stopped On The Left Side Of Freeway Gear Selector Locked In Drive Turned Off The Engine While The Selector Was Still In Park. Responding Chp Officer K. Alleman Asked Us To Drive Car To The Other Side Of The Freeway Could Not Start Car. Turned Key 3 Times But Car Refused To Respond. Getting Very Hot In The Car, Just Like Mon, Prob 95

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