December 1, 2021

7 thoughts on “2005 Ford ESCAPE Structure Body problems & defects.

  1. Same issue in my 2004 Ford Escape and I was never advised of it developing by the dealer servicing it for 11 years! Ford needs to step up and recall this issue! Not only have they not issued a recall for the right rear wheelhouse but they increased the part price from $200 to $700!!! I’m in the midst of trying to get this issue repaired now before my shock comes through.

  2. 2005 Ford Escape Hybrid. 160,000 miles. Engine in great condition. Rear Passenger wheel well rusted out. Loud banging heard while driving. Looked over the vehicle to find wheel well completely rusted out. with strut loose. Called Ford to no help. Local body shop has replaced other wheel well problems in the same model. A class action should be filed as Ford is unwilling to recall or claim fault in any of the issues. Thankfully no one was injured however, I drive as part of my employment and the outcome could have been much different. We also get major service provided by our Ford dealer who never advised us of this situation.

  3. I have the same problem, rusted out right rear shock mount that causes the car to thump and sway. I have filed a complaint at

    If NHTSA is unwilling to address issue, and if Ford is putting on blinders, then what is our next step?

  4. I have the exact same issue with my 2005 Escape with about 125k miles (I wish I could Escape this piece of crap vehicle). I started to hear that same clunking noise about 5 months ago but couldn’t see the problem because the coatings in the fender well was hanging on and covered the problem. About 2 weeks ago I finally realized the problem. I thought it was an isolated issue but I see now that I am not alone. Has anyone received any notice of a recall? This is a major issue that is unsafe to drive the vehicle and expensive to fix and if not fixed renders the trade-in value of the vehicle at near scrap metal value. Any help would be appreciated. Joel

  5. There are a lot of horrible stories all around the internet having to pay thousands of dollars to have their rusted wheel well panel replaced (always on rear right wheel on Ford Escapes and Mazda Tributes of these years). After a lot of search around, I found out that many folks suggest not to replace the panel but instead to install an auxiliary shock mount kit that is made specifically for this problem, wich I did.

    Find a local shop that can install it for you or simply install it by yourself like I did. This problem is not that bad once you get the right solution, trust me! It took me 4-5 hours to install the kit and patch the hole and it costed me 180$ on ebay. Fitted at first try.

    Why would people pay 4000$ for this?

  6. I’ve a 2006 escape. While driving last night heard a loud thunk in the passenger side rear which continued with every bump. Assumed it was a broken exhaust hanger…nope. Removed the trim and found that the upper piece to the shock absorber had snapped off due to rust. Also found that the wheel well rusting badly.
    From reading I know this is a common problem with escapes. Why can’t Ford at least over-coat the well?
    The shock mount doesn’t look too bad but will be looking to beef it up.

  7. Only 120k miles on mine when my rear right shock mount rusted out! I had to install the auxiliary bracket kit like others to get my car back on the road for a decent repair price…

    Why is ford unwilling to stand behind their products and recall these???

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