November 27, 2021

10 thoughts on “2008 Ford FUSION Service Brakes problems & defects.

  1. Nov 1, 2015 was coming to an intersection and step on the brakes and pedal did not depress. I was lucky that the left lane was clear or I would have hit the car in front of me. After that brakes were find. But this is third time it has happen. After the first two times the mechanic said I needed pads and rotors turned. This time mechanic says they cannot not find anything wrong with the brakes. Will take car to Grand Prairie ford in Texas where it was bought and see what they say.

  2. In August and then again November of 2015 my anti lock brake system has engaged followed by loss of brake pressure. The first time it happened I was driving slow following a curve in the road which was followed by a railroad crossing and then a busy highway. Since this clearly caught me off guard, I did go into a slight panic mode because I would not have been able to stop if there was a train but was able to pull myself together before coming to the highway stop. I proceeded cautiously for the next 2 miles to my house. The brakes still did not have pressure the next day until I arrived to my mechanics office. They could not find any problems with the brakes but topped the fluid and said that they had found there were some complaints from other regarding this problem on line. I called Ford and was told there were no recalls and would not admit that there were other similar problems. Just on Monday, November 23 I was stopping for a stop sign and again the anti-lock brake system engaged and I lost brake pressure. I figured I would take it to the dealership the following morning but as I was heading there the brakes re-engaged. No one in my family will drive in my car and I will not allow my daughter to drive it because I don’t want to endanger her life or someone else if she was not able to stop. Many concerns: My safety, others safety if I or anyone else driving my car cant’ stop to avoid an accident and the danger of the next person who purchases my car if I decide to get rid of the problem. Very disturbing and it just makes you wonder how many times this has happened to someone who was in an accident because of this problem but we will never know because that is not recorded.

  3. I was driving my Ford Fusion down the road and went to press the brakes and the pedal went all the way down to the floor, thank God I was able to stop.(Feb 2015) then in Oct 2015 it happened once again VIN : 3FAHP08Z38R198284, I contacted the Capital Ford dealer in Raleigh NC and they said they have had quite a few calls on the 2008 Ford Fusion with this problem, I am a senior citizen and I had to find $2,080 for them to fix it, there needs to be a recall, or are they waiting for someone to die first.?

  4. 2008 Ford Fusion – twice in the last few months the brakes have failed after a quick stop in traffic. basically they get spongy or lose all braking and then randomly start working. What I am seeing online is dealerships are doing complete brake jobs, charging customers and not finding the problem…but looks more and more like an ABS sensor failure…

  5. I drive a 2008 Ford Fusion SE. This just happened to me as well. I was leaving my apartment complex and was traveling about 5-10mph while approaching a speed bump. As I was braking, while traveling over the speed bump, I felt a firm pop feeling and the brake pedal then had to be pushed to the floor to get the vehicle to stop. Worried, I slowly approached the stop sign on a downward hill and noticed I still had to apply considerable pressure to the brake pedal to get it to stop. I rounded the corner and returned home. I pumped the brake pedal a few times, yet it didn’t resolve anything. I turned the car off and checked my brake fluid. The brake fluid tank is full. There are no brake fluid leaks. I started the vehicle back up and applied pressure to the brake pedal, yet again it was soft and went to the floor. At this point, I am seriously concerned about driving it to the dealership, as it’s 17 miles away, which is incredibly far to drive with the brakes like this.

  6. When is Ford going to do something about this? I think they should be sue. My son has a 2007 Fusion and almost had two accidents and he has only had the car for 2 months. We have done everything and nothing works to get the brakes to work. Maybe we should all start a class action lawsuit. I have emailed Ford today so let’s see if they respond. This is absolutely ridiculous, obviously there is a problem.

  7. I’m echoing the same sentiments here. ABS kicked in over the summer while braking over a bump and immediately the brake pedal sunk to the floor. I had the master cylinder replaced: a $400 repair.

    Last week in snowy weather, the ABS kicked in and the same result. This has to be related to the ABS control module

  8. My 2009 Fusion exhibited a soft, low, and spongy feeling brake pedal following a panic stop two weeks ago. Then, a couple days later it the normal firm and solid pedal feel returned. Yesterday, I had to stop quickly for a speed bump, and immediately afterward the soft spongy low pedal returned. There is not an illuminated warning light, and the pads have a significant amount of wear left in them. The car now has 80,400 miles, and the pads had been replaced in the 70ks range. When it’s acting up, it seems to take additional pedal effort to stop, and the pedal travel is much closer to the floor.

  9. just bought my 2008 ford fusion it had just snowed i put my brake on and and lost my brakes . i was told it was the ABS pump . there should be a recall on these cars before someone dies . if this happens i hope the ford company gets sued .

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