September 14, 2021

1 thought on “2014 Ford ESCAPE Engine problems & defects.

  1. I have a 2014 Ford Escape 81,000 miles. I just experienced the same issue as everyone else with the transmission. I was going over a viaduct and my RPM went up past 6 my gas pedal would not do anything finally it went back down and started stoping. I was almost rear ended by the car behind me. I was able to coast down the hill. I had it towed and the transmission is shot. So I called my dealership where I bought it unfortunately it’s 100,000 or 5 yrs. so I asked who I need to report this to as this could happen to anyone and a serious reck could happen and end someone’s life. I called the Ford Dealership in Decatur,il spoke to Tim he gave me the number to call to report it. 1.800.392.3673 I called and spoke to Jessica she listened to me pit me on hold came back and said it’s not a recall and it is out of warranty so I will have to pay foe a new transmission. I asked Jessica if there is anyone any higher to report this to as this is very dangerous and she said I need to go to owner.Ford. Com and make my complaint and if they decide to recall the transmission to keep my receipt so I may be later reimbursed… so now I am stuck paying 5000 for a transmission in a car that only has 81,000 miles and I do everything needed to my care faithfully and keep all my receipts. I sure hope someone high up in Ford sees these issues before someone gets killed.

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