November 30, 2021

6 thoughts on “2014 Ford EXPLORER Steering problems & defects.

  1. hi.
    i have also same.problem with my ford explorer 2014 Limited version.
    i have.been driving suddenly the above said problem occurred steering loss of control system and jammed even not able to turn the vechile left and right sides – driving speed around 90mph.
    Ford making SUV Vechiles not in mind as title as -Safety in mind and keeping customers life in danger and in serious trouble. I prefare to stop buying such a wrost vechiles again or not to recommend to any one of them….safety feature as my pointbis 0.

  2. 2014 explorer, 45k mileage. Steering light came on and dealer says it needs a new steering gear- not covered under extended warranty.

  3. We have a 2014 Ford Explorer with 52000 miles on it. My husband was driving home and car became hard to steer and was jerking when he made a left turn and went over into oncoming traffic lane. Thankfully no vehicles were coming. He made it to driveway at home and steering locked up totally. Will have to be towed to Ford garage. This same problem has been reported before. I called Ford and they just give you run around. I’m scared to meet one on the road now. They should recall these cars too.

  4. Same problem2014 Ford Explorer $2200 later it’s fixed at this point Ford should be covering this rack and pinion nightmare.

  5. Steering failure in the middle of New Mexico desert.
    600 dollar towing fee, $1800.00 repair,$224.00 car rental and $121.00 Motel bill.
    $2747.00 cost me because of defective steering part.
    Ford recalled 2012,13,15 and 16 year Explorer and fixed
    the issue free but not the 2014 year model. I will never purchase
    another Ford Product ever.
    2014 Ford Explorer Vin-1FM5K7D8XEGB17166

  6. Friday April 3, 2020 driving home from much needed grocery trip, steering in my 2014 explorer totally failed locking up. Fortunately was near home, made it safely. 62725 miles on vehicle. Ford needs to recall these vehicles before loss of life occurs if it hasn’t already!

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