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Ford Electrical System Wiring Interior, Under Dash 2020
Location Winthrop, WA
Model Transit
System Electrical System Wiring Interior, Under Dash
Speed 0

Update To Complaint No 11302124 Dated 2/26/2020 Spoke With Ford Cust Service Rep Regarding The Issues And Was Told To Make An Appointment With Dealer To Check Out The Seat And Electric System. The Service Dept Checked The Issues On 2/12/2020. The Service Tech Verified That The Wire Bundle Is Being Damaged By The Seat Being Moved. The Service Tech Wrapped The Bundle With Tape And Re-routed The Bundle. The Seat Was Tested Forward And Back But I Don’t Believe The Swivel Was Tested. It Appears That The Wire Bundle And Driver’s Swivel Seat Needs Further Testing And Repairs To Assure That The Swivel Seat Is Not Damaging The Wire Bundle. Damage To The Driver’s Seat Wire Bundle Might Affect Seat Air Bag Operation Causing Either Failure To Deploy Or Deploying When Not Needed. Damage Also Might Affect Seat Belt And Seat Weight/orientation Sensors. Following Are The Ford Service Tech Notes From The Service Work Order: Customer States Wiring Bundle Under Driver Seat That Is Being Damage From The Seat Moving Back And Forth Please Check And Advise Cause 612 Drivers Seat Harness Is Chaffing On Seat Rivets Verified Drivers Seat Harness Is Chaffing On Seat Rivets. Had Service Writer Take Pictures Of Damage. Checked Oasis No Tsb’s, Ssm’s, Or Gsb’s Related. Wrapped Harness With High Temp Cloth Electrical Tape And Re-routed Harness To Clear Seat Rivets. Tested Seat Forward And Back To Verified Chaffing Concern Is No Longer Present. The Service Writer Also Checked With Ford Regarding The Fuel Pump And Engine Systems Activating When The Driver’s Door Is Opened And When The Key Is Inserted In The Ignition. The Service Writer Told Me That He Was Told That This Is Normal For The 2020 Transit And Cannot Be Changed. This Should Be Confirmed Since This Behavior Adds Additional Wear/tear To The Engine Systems And Could Be A Potential Fire Hazard.

Mileage was 612 miles. Vehicle Identification Number (VIN):1FTBR3U88LK. Ford Transit 2020 problem was reported in WINTHROP, WA. Vehicle was not using ANTI-LOCK BRAKES. Vehicle was not using Cruise Control. VEHICLE SPEED: 0 mph.

Feb 12, 2020

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