2015 Ford Escape


I just purchased a 2015 Ford Escape on 9/5/2016. I’ve had it less than 1 months. My wife drives this car. She Had 2 Incidents in one week Where the Power Steering Has Gone Out. The First Was on 9/11/2016 at about 10 Mph and the other on 9/17/2016 while driving out of garage. Both Times got message Across the Information Screen that Said “Steering Assist Fault". It was really hard to steer the vehicle. She turned off the engine called me. Both time I started the engine and no problem and no error message appeared on display screen. When I restarted the vehicle the message went away and power steering was restored as if the computer just needed to restart.
Took the car to University Ford Dealer in Durham NC. They said, no fault detected and can’t do anything. If this happens on highway, then the situation is very alarming may be life threatening too. Why can’t Ford take this as serious issue. Are they waiting for few deaths because of this issue?

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