October 13, 2021

2 thoughts on “Recently reported Ford Ecosport 2019 Engine problems and defects, updated August 2019.

  1. we have a 2019 echo sport and ours uses oil, if we go on a trip af 100 miles or more the car will use a quart of oil, there have been a couple of times when I have had to pull over and stop because the engine started knocking, I put oil in it, one time it was 3 1/2 quarts low and knocking pretty loud, the ford dealership told me that engine was expected to burn 1 quart of oil every thousand mies, I think that is a bit excessive, wife loves the car but i have had about enough of the oil burn anytime we try to go for a ride in it..

  2. We have a 2020 EcoSport with around 4000 miles with the 2.0 L engine and AWD. So far pretty happy with it except for the lazy trans which doesn’t downshift as fast as I would like. You really have to mash the accelerator to get it to downshift. Lately I have noticed in hot weather a bit of engine surging but not sure why this is happening??

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